Our mission is to "build integrations through mentoring and education". So wherever it's relevant, we would integrate with existing Web3 apps, tools, protocols and networks, which gives us the opportunity to train apprentice hackers: mutual aid is something we value a lot. We try to be a bit strict when it comes to open source project development best practices. We believe that's the only way to build a healthy and strong Web3 ecosystem. Standardization is essential. You're invited to join us in Discord or Telegram, apply to become a member of the DAO if you feel like you're motivated and want to learn, or contribute directly via Github.
In-house projects
Gov is a DAO framework built with Open Zeppelin’s Governor contract in combination with NFTs. It provides a coordination tool that fits the needs of everyday people.
gCFA is the one and only crypto version of the CFA Franc (XAF and XOF), a currency used in 16 countries in Africa.
A decentralized storage solution that provides on-chain data management and access control.
This package includes a CLI script for deploying the latest Uniswap V3 smart contracts to any EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible network.